Client Highlights

"Before I met Davina, I was thoroughly impressed with her credentials and breadth of diversified experience and looked forward to having her help me with my career transition. Once I started working with her, I’d consider an understatement to say that she completely exceeded all my expectations with these coaching sessions. I found her easy to talk to from the start, allowing me to freely share my thoughts and dilemmas. She has a unique ability to break down complex problems into simple steps in order for me to start tackling them; she also frequently offered such perspectives that completely bewildered me and turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear to move ahead. She continuously offered auxiliary resources through our discussions, and each one has turned out to be the exact prescription for my problem. Most importantly, I appreciate her ability to tell me as it is, while she’s artfully pierced through my insecurities to continually build my confidence.  It’s been an absolute privilege having Davina’s insights and guidance along this journey of self-discovery."

J. Hsieh, CPA

Seasoned investment banking executive and finance professional w/ 20+ years of experience

"Davina is an excellent coach. She is very attentive and asks insightful questions to help you think about things from a new perspective. I especially appreciated her ability to reframe challenges in a more positive/approachable light. I highly recommend working with her."

S. Ehrman, MBA

Business leader w/ 15+ years in financial services and technology marketing

"Davina is an amazing life coach.  She has been such a bright light in my life.  I was at at a point in my life where I desperately needed some good advice in my family life, career, and personal relationships.  I also wanted to be a better version of myself and find contentment in my life.  

Davina was able to guide and help me do all that.  I felt comfortable discussing anything and everything with Davina.  She always provided great advice and steps to achieve my goals.  As a result of working with Davina, my family life has has been more fulfilling, my personal relationships improved and work has become more manageable.  I found more peace within myself and became a happier person.

I highly recommend working with Davina if you need some guidance and direction in your life.  She can definitely help you achieve your life goals."

J. Yu, CPA

Experienced finance professional

"I started working with Davina for Coaching under quite a bit of personal resistance. I knew what she was offering was compelling and something I wanted to embark on with her (Direction with my life! Accountability! Self acceptance! Growth!).  I was just not sure how to start the overwhelming process.  Having been through various types of talking therapy over my life, I felt like starting another form of it would create that same endless process where I never quite got the satisfaction of closure or direction I was searching for.  

After our first few sessions, I saw measured growth and improvement on my career endeavors and felt more accountable to the goals I set for myself.  This was a big motivator for me as I was struggling to find focus and visualize success.  However, where I experienced the most profound changes were in areas of my emotional growth and personal relationships.  By utilizing a series of objective queries and observations, together we were able to accomplish major breakthroughs in areas where I’d been stuck in a cycle of repeating the same patterns again and again.  By helping me to see these experiences as they were, I gained so much confidence and acceptance of myself.  I was able to work through painful experiences like a divorce and a breakup without losing focus of myself or my personal goals, but rather, thrive in business, truly come to know what I was looking for in my life with personal relationships, friendships, love, and able to articulate where I want my life to be directed and to talk about my dreams, with the feeling like I am able to accomplish them!

To say this has changed my life would not be doing it service, so I will say that this has helped me to live again.  And to embrace life fully."

G. Castro

Successful entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in health and beauty

 "I was at a crossroads in my career, and Davina’s guidance was essential in helping me define my path. Through intelligent and probing questions as well as thoughtful reflections on my responses, Davina assisted me in crystallizing my objectives. In addition, she led me to outline a clear strategy and timeline as to how to achieve those goals. Always compassionate, humorous, and wise, Davina is an invaluable coach."

J. Wong

Marketing Professional

"Davina is a gifted strategist and coach: she knows how to listen, synthesize, and make helpful suggestions for moving forward. Working with her really helped me untangle my thoughts about what I want for myself and how to get there. She gave me the support and direction I needed to help make my next steps."

D. Oh, PhD

Experienced Research lead in Career transition