Growth and Transitions

You may be feeling...

  • A Mix of Excitement and Apprehension -- You are at a life/career crossroad and are trying to figure out next steps to move forward.
  • Overwhelmed and Tired -- You may feel burned out (or struggle with work-life balance) and need find some change.
  • Empty Space -- Your kids are growing up and you may be looking around lately, wondering what's next for you...
  • Stretched and Sleep-deprived -- You may just have a newborn and are wondering how to juggle everything...
  • Lonely -- You may be wondering when it had started to feel so lonely even though you are so busy and are surrounded by others...
  • Empty -- You've gotten promotions and a salary raise but you are craving for more meaning...
  • A Missing piece -- You have accomplished a lot but a piece of you feel unsatisfied or maybe your dream is not fulfilled... 


A Special Place for You

I'm particularly passionate to journey and walk alongside men and women to help them in discovering (or re-discovering) their passions, prioritizing and clarifying goals, finding balance and fulfillment, and transitioning across different life/career stages. 

My clients come from both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and across different life stages/circumstances. Some of them are working, some took a break from work to focus on family, while others are re-entering the workforce. I have coached men and women from around the world and my clients are living in the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


1X1 Personal Coaching

During our time together, we will explore where you are -- your goals/dreams, desires, values, fears/barriers so that we could design a plan together and work on getting to where you want to go. 

Next Step

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Small Group Coaching

Many clients enjoy being in a like-minded community and also thrive on the support and connections developed within a small group (3-5 individuals). There's also power to having accountability and being able to voice/share with others along the same journey.

Note: Groups are carefully matched based upon similarities in life stage and context. Hence availability of small group coaching is dependent on having the right matches. To start off, we usually have a few 1X1 personal coaching sessions to discern fit.